I/O Live Widget FAQ

What is the I/O Live widget?

A widget to embed on your website that allows you to deliver highlights and live announcements directly from Google I/O. It features the following elements:

  • The complete I/O live video stream (this includes the keynote and all livestreamed sessions).
  • Social feed from @GoogleDevs.

Can the widget be customized?

Yes. Here's what you can customize:

  • The content the widget will include: Live video stream & Google Developers social feed; Only the live video stream; or Only the Google Developers social feed.
  • The size of the widget.

How do I customize the widget?

On the configuration page, just select which content you want to display and what size you want the widget to have.

How do I embed the widget on my website?

After you customize the widget to your preference, copy the HTML code from "3. Embed this code into your site" and add it to your website.

When can I embed the widget on my website?

You can embed the widget in advance of Google I/O. We encourage you to embed it as soon as possible to get your audience excited to tune in on the event dates.

What will the widget look like before Google I/O 2017 starts and after it ends?

  • Before May 17: The widget will display a message letting viewers know I/O is coming up soon. If you've decided to include the social feed in the widget, it will display I/O related posts from the @GoogleDevs page. Lots of things will be posted in advance of I/O on this page to help inform your audience and get them excited for the event.
  • On May 17, 18 & 19: If you have decided to include the livestream in the widget, it will start displaying between 8-9AM PDT on May 17. After the keynote ends, it will automatically start displaying the remaining streaming channels instead. The livestream will run until end of day on May 19.
  • After I/O ends: After all sessions end at approximately 4PM PDT on May 19, the livestream will be replaced by a text card.

What content will show up on the @GoogleDevs social feed?

The social feed will surface public posts from the @GoogleDevs page made before and during Google I/O.

Can my viewers still see the @GoogleDevs feed after May 19?

Yes. As long as the widget is embedded on your website, viewers will still be able to scroll through the feed and see I/O announcements and highlights published on @GoogleDevs.

Can I choose to add feeds from other Twitter pages besides @GoogleDevs?

No. The only Twitter feed that can be added to the widget is the one from @GoogleDevs as it's the official Google I/O social channel.

Can readers reply, retweet or favorite tweets coming in through the social feed on the widget?

Not directly from the widget but they can access the original posts on Twitter by clicking on each tweet. Once on Twitter, viewers can reply, retweet or favorite tweets as usual.

Is there a way I can track the number of people viewing the widget at any time?

The widget doesn't have built-in analytics, but Google Analytics does provide real-time reports so you can get an idea of how many active users are on the page where the widget is hosted.

Your use of this gadget is subject to the Google Terms of Service.